Monday, December 04, 2006

Bangalore - Ooty Trip : Prologue

T-4 days (Monday, 27th Nov 2006):

Myself and Ashu have been planning a lot about weekend trips and many times these trips were cancelled due to professional commitments at SISO. (For the uninitiated: Samsung India Software Operations Pvt. Ltd., our workplace)

December being a lean month as far as work pressure is concerned, we thought of finishing off as many rides as possible. Mangalore and Ooty were topping the chart and were two of the long awaited rides. We proposed the Mangalore ride to our BangaloreBikers group. We came to know from discussions that followed that the roads are completely washed off due to heavy rains. The trip was cancelled!

Our retaliation was Ooty. I again proposed it in the group. I was ready for undesirable comments on the state of roads and Bandipur forest enroute but surprise and that too a pleasant one, people looked interested ! I am so happy :)

T-3 days (Tuesday, 28th Nov 2006):

Vimal aka Takel and Atul (who Atul?? I mean Rapi :) ) declined. Finally 6 people ready for the ride. Me, Ashu, Kamlesh(Kam), Sid, Jayan(dada) and Parwez. All excited for weekend :)

T-1 day (Thursday, 30th Nov 2006):

Me, Ashu and Sid bought spares for emergency situations like clutch cables, headlamp, spark plug, chain links, etc. Just 2 days left !!! :D

D-Day ( Friday, 1st Dec 2006):

1030 HRS : Kam's status message on Gtalk : "Weekend Plans in trouble!" Shock !!!!
1200 HRS : Kam's Mail on group : "He can't go because of some URGENT work at office !!!" :O
1215 HRS : Sid's Mail on group : "He can't come because of fever !!!" Oh NO !!!
1300 HRS : I tried reaching Jayan and Parwez. As expected they too declined now !

Clank !!!! The dream of 6 bikes cruising on wavy roads winding around the Nilgiris overlooking lush green valleys shattered in a moment.

Now what ? Me and Ashu thought that we will go ahead !

to be continued...


priyanka said...

hey!! gr8 spirit .... so, finally u rechd there or ......CLANK!!!!

but ne ways, Cheers to both of you....

Anurag said...

kya jamana aa gaya hai...har koi blogger bana baitha hai...badhiya hai...lagey raho!

Ashu said...
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Ankita said...

the beauty captured of the Nilgiri's is simply superb...hats of to u guys!!!!!


varun said...

well the only biker i know amongst this group is ashish chamoli !! amazing stuff guys !! keep it up !!

- Capt Jonathan Benjamin
The Maratha Light Infantry

Nandu Chitnis said...

Hey that was an awesome description of the ride great pics. Luv this idea of campng out in tents!